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It’s my birthday tomorrow hurray!

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A dragon made of ice and snow circled the monastery and rose it's mighty body into the air. Half of its body still surrounded the monastery due to its immense size. Shard jumped on top of the dragon's head before sliding down its backs. He disappeared in snow and left me to defeat his dragon. Very well. I ran for the beast, dodging its massive mouth as it went to consume me. I jumped on to one of its claws and began to gather summer energy in my hand, a mini ball of fire swirling in my hand. It soon grew as more gases filled it. I began to run the length of the dragon, using my the dragon's back spikes to keep from slipping. I soon reached the mighty beast's head and jumped once more, showering the beast with flames from my ball of fire. It growled as it began to shrink from my attack. Interesting, it hadn't melt automatically. I landed on the roof of the monastery and stared at the beast as it continued to shrink, soon becoming the size of a snake. "You're creator is quite amazing isn't he? I'm sorry that it had to come to this poor thing."

I watched as it melted into a puddle and sighed before jumping into the whole in the ceiling. I landed back in my room and saw that it had melted a little, evidence being the water that was beginning to form a pool on my floor. I then went in the direction of Blaze's room, sure that Shard had headed there. I walked into the room and my feet froze as I touched the floor. I blinked before looking up to see that Shard had been waiting for me, his arm outstretched toward me. "I'm sorry," he apologized. "It had to be done. A thousand snow filled blizzards. Two hundred snow pillars, come forth to my enemy, for I am now a killer." The room began to shake as columns of snow grew from the ground and wall, impaling my arms and legs.

"An attack that imbolizes the enemy," I spoke, ignoring the fact that my arms and legs were now bleeding from where the pillars had struck them. "Interesting, in fact you become more interesting the more we combat each other. Shard Frozo was it? Tell me, what is your goal, why do you wish to kill, no, destroy Blaze?"

Shard blinked. "That is a strange question to ask to the last person you will see. Very well, I have no goal other than to follow my master's goals and orders. Farewell kuru of seasons, if you survive I hope that we shall never cross paths again. Though fate has a way of proving me wrong." He then sheathed his sword and walked past me while I continued to bleed. "If I am defeated those pillars will go away, either that or after 2 hours they shall melt. That will be enough time for you to try to find a way out of them. My master hasn't told me to kill you so I shall not cause more pointless death." With that said he left me with only one question: who was his question and why do I feel that I know him?


Why did I feel Master Zin's kuru go away? He's not dead or else the temperature would've drastically changed. Maybe his kuru paths were blocked by Frozo, the crazy bastard. I finally finished melting my siblings and they both shivered. Kinon looked up at me with tears in his eyes and hugged me. Kay on the other hand glared at her door. "He's coming," she said before drawing her sword. "Swirling autumn leaves to this place I bring! Come forth and become my right and left wings!" Leaves began to swirl around my sister and I groaned. The leaves took the shape of wings as they attached themselves to her back.

"No!" I shouted, but it was too late. She had flown out of the door leaving only leaves behind. "We need to keep her safe, come on Kinon!"

Kinon nodded and drew his blade as well. The blade of his sword was the only one that wasn't silver, it was black. He wiped a few tears from his eyes before following me out of the door.


I sighed and thought back to what I had told the kuru of seasons. Was I truly doing this for my master and, if so, did I truly not have my own goal to pursue? I didn't have much time to think about it as I appeared in front of the kuru of leaves' room. I heard a voice shout before the kuru of seasons flew out of her door, nearly knocking me down. She punched a whole in a nearby wall and fixed me with a glare. I saw that she had leaves swirling around her while leaves in the shape of wings were attached to her back. She must have summoned them making her more powerful than I had first thought. No wonder she had dodged my first attack I had done to her when we had first met. She pointed her blade at me and her right eye turned orange while her left turned green. "This is for attacking us! Leaves of autumn, leaves of spring, come forth and destroy my enemies I sing! Red leaves of fire, white leaves of ice, my enemy shall now think twice!"

She swung her blade and I quickly created a snow shield as multiple leaves came for me. My eyes widened as the leaves began to cut through the wall of snow I had created. I jumped back and used my hand to slide against the ground, rising balls of snow as I did. I threw the snow balls at the leaves, turning them into swords of snow as I did. They cut through the leaves and stopped as they hit the girl's shield of leaves swirling around her. She was definitely more powerful than I thought. I coughed as frost began to form around my left hand. I pushed myself with that last attack, creating those swords of snow in mid air had been difficult. I then saw that my arms were cut, blood dripping from the cuts. Not only that but I felt a cut on my cheek as well. She had actually succeeded in hitting me? I wiped the blood from my cheek and froze the cuts to keep them from bleeding. I needn't worry about frostbite for I am immune to it.

"Hey, snow dude!" the girl shouted at me. "Don't hold back just because I'm a little girl! You can deny it all you want but I can sense kuru too, I know you aren't giving it you're all! You hear me Frosty, don't hold back unless you want to die!"

"Fine," I replied, getting to my feet. "Just know that I am not here for you. You can stop fighting me now and your life, like your master's, will be spared."

"I knew Master Zin wasn't dead!" the kuru of fire shouted as she stepped out of the room followed by the kuru of shadows. Strange, the kuru of shadows had a black blade. "Leave my sister alone!"

The kuru of shadows said nothing, only cowered as he saw me. I could sense that he was far stronger than the kuru of leaves but he seemed scared to use his powers. Strange indeed. I looked at each of them and shook my head. They each were quite powerful which means each of them had been hiding their power. I was stronger than the kuru of fire and leaves but the one of shadows may be a problem now that I know his true strength. The kuru of seasons will definitely be a problem if he escapes and recharges his kuru for he was stronger than the three of them put together. I nodded, my mind made up. I would divide and conquer. I pointed my blade up and lifted it in the air. "We are one and we are all. We have all come to brawl. Spread thy power of thee, for I shall summon the bodies within me." I let out a breath of cold air as snow began to take shape around me before three clones of myself appeared. They each were in the current state I was in and all of them had half of my power. Oh well, at least I would keep all of my power.

"What are our orders Shard Prime?" Shard Uno asked. "Are we to dispose of these cretins along with the kuru of seasons?"

"Negative," I replied. "Shard's Uno and Dos will take the kuru of leaves and the kuru of seasons."

Both of them nodded and disappeared in snow. Shard Uno touched the kuru of leaves and took her as well. I turned to Shard Tres and he nodded. "I know what I must do, you require me to keep the kuru of shadows busy while you take on the kuru of fire. Very well, I shall be sure to not kill him Shard Prime, I hope the others are sincere with their roles as I am." He then touched the kuru of shadows and disappeared in snow as well.

"Those are some weird clones," the kuru of fire told me. "Where did they take my sister and brother? And where's my master?"

"You shall know if you survive, for now you must combat me," I answered before rushing toward her.

Shard Uno

The girl and I materialized on top of the monastery and she glared at me before floating in the air. Why was I stuck with the one with wings? Oh well, Shard Prime knows what's best. I unsheathed my blade and looked at the frozen cuts on my arms. Had this girl really done this to Shard Prime? Amazing. This would be an entertaining fight at least. I touched the ground and snow piled up under my feet until a pillar of snow brought me into the air. I jumped from the pillar and struck, aiming my blade at the girl's arm. Shard Prime had given orders not to kill any of these fools even if they were annoying. We were only to block their kuru paths and imbolize them so they wouldn't be able to attack or move until after the kuru of fire was killed. The girl used her leaves to block the attack before soaring toward me as I landed. I jumped back and gasped as she flew toward me the minute I had jumped. She went to stab me but I blocked her attack with a pillar of snow. Damn, unless I found a way to dispose of her wings she would easily be able to attack, dodge, rebound, and attack again before I had a chance to do anything.

She swooped around me and I struck out, missing completely as she flew into the air again. She rained down razor sharp leaves and I leapt back, almost falling off of the roof. I blinked as she kicked me off of the roof. I really needed to get rid of those wings or I would die, which I guess was ok since I was a mere clone. Wait a minute, I am a clone. It doesn't matter if I get hurt as long as I touch her. I smirked and touched the wall of the monastery,creating a ledge made of snow for me to stand on. Thank goodness I had done that before I fell since we were really high up. A jumped back on the roof and grabbed the girl's arm as she went to punch me. "What?!"

"Gotcha, you should think twice before attacking someone who can get hurt without consequence!" I told her, smirking as frost began to cover her arm. She wretched arm free but panted as she flew into the air her arm still frozen.

"Die already!" she shouted, swinging her blade and sending a wave of leaves at me. I grinned and disappeared in snow, reappearing behind her.

I stabbed her other arm and she gasped. Her wings disappeared as she fell to the roof. I used my sword to keep her arm in place while summoning frost in my hand. It began to rise until an ice spike materialized in my hand. "Sorry kid, this'll hurt but it won't kill you." I then stabbed her through the leg with the spike, causing her to dry out in pain. I used another spike and did the same to her other leg. "There, now your kuru is blocked and you're immobilized."

I was caught off guard as I heard a sniffle escape her lips. I turned to face her too see that she was crying. This is why Shard Prime and us clones hate fighting children, we don't like to see the, in pain. "Sorry kid, if that hurts too much I'll-"

"This is nothing, I've experienced similar," she sobbed. "I'm crying because my brother is in trouble. When he fights he has the possibility to kill himself and the others around him."

My eyes widened. "Oh no, I need to warn Shard Tres to-" I was interrupted as a blade went through me. I turned and saw that it belonged to the kuru of seasons. "Damn, defeated by the one who was immobilized, I really am just a useless clone aren't I?"

Shard Tres

I sighed as I felt Shard Dos disappear. So that's those two down them, guess they had trouble with their opponents. Very well, then I shall have to defeat this child quickly so I may assist Shard Prime. The child was fairly easy to duel for he only used his blade. He never used his kuru to attack and judging from how he was attacking, he didn't know any chants either. In fact he hadn't laid a scratch on me yet. I guess I could say the same for him since he kept turning intangible everytime I tried to stab at him. He definitely was the kuru of shadows. He looked up at me and pointed his blade at me, his arm shaking. It seemed he really didn't want to fight me. "I'm sorry Mr. Frozo, I don't want to hurt you but you tried to kill my sisters and my master. Please forgive me. Shadows, dark and untouchable. Come to this place and show you are approachable. Give me strength and let my enemy fall. For you and light are the most powerful of them all."

So he did know chants and could actually use his kuru. Good, now I won't feel unworthy for fighting an enemy who doesn't want to fight. I blinked as I felt something grab me. My eyes widened as I looked down and saw that shadows had appeared over my legs. I was swung across the room and watched as shadows began to appear around the boy. His eyes were now glowing bright red as he raised his arms. Shadow arms flew from the ground and mimicked his movements. He held his sword in both hands and a shadow sword appeared in the shadow arms. Drat, I couldn't move and now he was going to kill me easily. Well I guess not exactly kill since I was just a clone. I was interrupted from my thoughts as a blade struck me from behind. This one didn't belong to the boy. I turned my eyes slightly to see the kuru of seasons holding the carrying the kuru of leaves on his back. He also held the blade that pierced me. They both had holes in there arms and legs, their clothes blood soaked. 

I smirked and closed my eyes. "I see, you were the reason Shard's Dos and Uno disappeared. I guess all of us are just following the orders of a master who follows the orders of a master. We're all just worthless pawns in the end."


I sighed as I sidestepped a fire slash. My clones were dead for now and I have finally found my goal. It took all this time and the lives of countless men, women, and children to realize it but I've found it. I will not follow my master's twisted goals. No, I shall follow my own goal, my goal to destroy my master and bring peace to the world of BladeMasters. "Kuru of fire, please stop. I am not trying to kill you anymore. Please drop your weapon."

She paused but hold on to her blade. "How can I believe you? How do I know you aren't tricking me."

The kuru of seasons appeared behind her along with her siblings and I frowned. I had hurt them all physically just because I was told to. "Because his clones all share the same experience as he. They all realized that they were pawns to a ruler who will eventually destroy our world. They wish to join us Blaze."

Blaze sighed before looking up at me. "Fine, if Master Zin says it's ok then I'll stop fighting you. Just try not to kill me. Kinon are you ok?"

I looked at the master of shadows and saw that he was crying. He looked up at me and hugged me. "I'm sorry Mr. Frozo for hurting your clones."

I smiled and hugged the child back. "There is no need to apologize Kinon, I am sorry for almost destroying you and your family."

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Martel's POV

I rushed toward the orc and stabbed him with my fire sword. Three more orcs took his place as he fell to the ground. Ok then. One of the demons grabbed me by my shirt and lifted me into the air. He threw me to the ground and grabbed the axe that he had dropped. I watched as orcs were cut down and saw Trinity slashing through them to get to me. "Get back demons!" she shouted above the orcs' war cry. She finally made her to me and bent down on one knee, offering me a hand. "Are you alright?"

I took her hand and shrugged. "I've been worse," I answered, dusting myself off and picking up my sword. I shot fire from the blade, destroying half of the orcs in front of us. "Lets continue."

My sword shone as I shot another ball of fire from it, destroying more orcs. The remaining orcs closed in on us. The one from earlier, the axe wielder, lifted his weapon into the air, right above my head. He brought it down and I used my sword to block the heavy weapon. I stepped back from him and turned to Trinity. "Where's Kyte?"

"He and his shining sword are off finding a Lost Soul with Ken," she answered. She spun and cut into an orc, splitting him in half with her blade.

The axe wielder went for me again. I rolled under his axe and stabbed him with my sword. He pushed me back and took my sword out of his gut, tossing it away. Normal combat wasn't going to work well against this orc. A dark arrow whistled past my ear and embedded itself into the orc's head. The axe wielder roared in pain and fell to the ground dead. Miyu jumped down from a tree that she had hidden in and rained down dark arrows on our foes. I cupped my hands and shouted. "Thank you Miyu!"

"You're welcome Martel!" she responded, giving me a smile.

I found my sword and picked it up, sheathing it as I did. I would let my comrades continue fighting while I tried to find the warlock who was spawning these demons. A fireball flew toward me, launched from an undetectable force. It flew past me and hit the ground, blowing up as it did. The ground began to crack under my feet and I ran as the ground gave way. I couldn't see my comrades as smoke and debris filled my vision. I heard a noise that was so terrible it was almost unrecognizable. It was the sound of rocks being ground to dust under my feet. I plunged downward through the hole that had opened to swallow me up. My vision blurred as I fell through the ground. The last thing I heard was someone, probably Trinity, shouting my name before everything blacked out.

I'm dead. That's all I knew that was true. I was dead because that fall had killed me. Strangely enough I felt a pain in my back. The only I say it was strange is because death didn't involve pain. I heard a voice, a small one that had to belong to a child, speak and groaned as I slowly opened my eyes. I was staring into the eyes of a boy with blue eyes and blond hair. "Hey man from sky. Are you death? Did fall kill body?"

I ignored his questions and atrocious grammar as I looked around for my sword. We were either in a jungle or forest for everything was green. The boy looked at me and smiled. I groaned and got up, popping every bone in my body as I did.

"Where's my sword?" I asked the boy.

He tilted his head. "Sword? You mean big pointy fire thingy? It next to you."

I wondered if the way he was talking was a speech pattern or was he just bad at grammar. Oh well, it can't be helped. I grabbed my sword and, after finding my sheath, sheathed it. Where was I? I don't think I've looked at a map in Hyteria that showed where this place was so I didn't know where to start. I began to walk around the area to try and find something that might help me. They boy followed me as I made my way through the area.

"Where you go to pointy thing man?" he asked me. That sentence was a little better so maybe it was just a speech pattern.

"I'm trying to find a place where I can buy a map," I answered before turning to him. "Why?"

"Reson of none."

"What's your name kid?"

"Mark Ford."

"I'm Martel FireLing."

Trinity's POV

"Where's Martel?" I asked Miyu as the sky turned from red to blue. The fires had died out and the war between us and the orcs had ended.

Miyu shrugged and glared at the dead orcs. "Stupid warlock, he made us lose our teammate!"

I sighed and began to pull out my amulet when something caught my eye. I walked closer to it and saw that it was a sinkhole that had somehow opened up when we were fighting. "There's a hole here."

Miyu walked over and bent down to examine the hole. She traced her finger along the ground and nodded. "This was caused by an explosion for the edges of the hole are burned."

When I peered into the hole all I could was black. "Let's try not to fall in."

Miyu nodded and we continued to search for our comrade.

Kyte's POV

Ken and I continued to search for the Lost Soul. I wasn't too sure if this was the correct place but Ken seemed certain. Oh well. Ken continued to look at his.....whatever it is he brought. "We're getting close."

"Are you certain?" I asked. It wasn't like I doubted him or anything, he's just usually wrong. "Are you absolutely, positively correct about where the Lost Soul is?"

"Of course I am."

My sword began to shine in its sheath. Perhaps he was correct. I followed him through the frozen jungle we were in until we stumbled across a fork in the road. Ken wasn't moving so I guess he didn't know which way to go.

"We'll use my sword," I declared, unsheathing the blade. I pointed it to the left and its light grew dimmer. I pointed right and its light grew brighter.

"To the right we go," Ken decided.

We continued through the frozen jungle until we came across a village. My sword wasn't shining so the Lost Soul wasn't here. We must continue until we find him/her.

Martel's POV

I walked into a village with Mark behind me. I still had no idea where I was. I walked over to a merchant selling maps and stopped in front of him. "Hello sir, I am looking for a map to purchase."

"What kind of map kid?" he asked.

"One of this area."

He reached back and brought out a map, handing it to me. "That'll be three silver stones."

I nodded and handed him the coins, walking away as I did. I opened the map and began to read it. I was in Asteria. That's Kyte's last name, interesting. Mark tapped me but I ignored him and checked my bag. I wondered if I had enough for some food. I found no money that I could use to pay for him. I continued to search my bag and pulled out two apples, handing one to the kid. Mark looked at it. "Apple for me?"

I nodded and began to eat mine. He smiled and bit into his. I continued to walk around the village, wondering if I was near Liadode, city of Knights. I checked the map again and found that Lidas was near this village. A man ran past me with a bag in one hand and a knife in the other. He wore a mask so I couldn't see his face.

"Help! Thief!" a villager shouted in agony.

I ran after the man and Mark followed me. "Get back Mark! Enferior!" Fire appeared around my hand and I blasted it at the thief.

The thief dodged the attack and turned around. "Luciose's wind!" He shouted, throwing his knife. Multiple knives appeared and soared at me. I used my sword to parry the knives and once again told Mark to get back. Villagers looked on in awe at us while Mark stepped back a little to avoid getting hit.

"So you're a ranged magic user?" I asked. "Then you have the advantage, I'm a close combat magic user, level four at that."

The thief took off his mask and revealed that he had long, black hair and red eyes. "Enferna," he said. Clouds rolled in and it began to rain.

He was clever indeed. I couldn't use any fire attacks in the rain. I ran toward him with my blade and slashed. He waited until the last moment before flipping over me. He threw his knife and landed. I dodged the knife and held out my hand.

"I am the holder of the dragon symbol and I say begone!" I shouted. The dragon symbol on my hand glowed bright red and a red ball of light shot toward him.

The thief dodged the attack and ran. A nearby kid grabbed a rock and threw at him, hitting his head. He groaned and glared at him. "Damn you! Die!" he shouted as he threw his knife at the kid.

I pointed my blade at the child. "Kyzon's shield." A red shield appeared in front of the child and blocked the attack while knocking out the thief.

I walked over to him and picked up the stolen bag. I spotted the man who it was stolen from and gave it to him. "Thank you young man."

"No problem," I replied, catching my breath.

The kid from before ran up to me and beamed. "Thank you for saving me."

I nodded and the rest of the villagers began to thank me. I sighed, not deserving of their thanks. A few of them gave me coins and told me to keep them. Mark was still standing where he had been looking terrified. The villagers alol returned to what they were previously doing while I walked over to Mark. "Mark what's wrong?"

He turned to me with tears in his eyes. He hugged me and sobbed into my chest. "Magic scary."

I sighed and nodded. "I know it is, I know."
Lost Souls: Chapter One
A story I wrote on another app and improvised. 

The Dark Lord has come back and now we must find the Lost Souls. There are seven in all, each with a unique power, Sing, Weapon, Magic, Darkness, Light, Nature, Enchant. The Dark Lord's warriors are looking to destroy them. We must find them and defeat the Dark Lord before it is too late. May our swords stay forever sharp and our spirits forever free-Kyte Asteria and Ken Lyseria

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I hummed to myself as I walked through the market with Claire and Kai by my side. Their pet dragon had also come with us, though this didn't concern anyone we passed since no one batted an eye when he walked past them. After a while of walking, Claire announced that she was going alone to get new spell books and magical items. Kai also stated that he would be going alone to look at a few swords that he was interested in. So that's how I found myself wandering around, looking at things that would interest me and that I wanted. Of course, I had no money so I was able to buy anything. That was ok with me though. Eventually Kai and Claire came back but I told them that I would go back home later, so they left without me. Others would think them insane to leave a child by themselves, but I was more than capable of going out on my own. Though I was spanked recently due to me wandering by myself, of course that was only because I could've been killed. Soon I found myself in front of a store that held toys. I walked inside of it and looked around, eventually coming across a stuffed animal. Now of course I wanted it, though I couldn't get it since I didn't have any money. Oh well, it was unfortunate but I was fine without the toy. I started to walk away until I saw a figure about he size of a child, a little smaller than me though, grab the stuffed animal. First I assumed that they would go to whoever their parents were, until I saw them walk past the cashier and toward the back door. So they were stealing it.

I went after the figure, making sure not to be caught for I didn't want to get in trouble for something that I hadn't done. I looked toward the woods and saw that the figure was heading there. I chased after them and watched as they stopped in front of a tree, conpletely out of breath. I took a step closer as I saw them pull a head from over their head, revealing a head of blond hair. The child turned around and I saw that their eyes were green like mine, though they weren't a yellow green like mine were. The child, er girl, was wearing a purple cloak and under that a light green shirt and dark green skirt. They still hadn't seen me, which was good. That meant that I could sneak up on the and catch them by surprise. I quickly snuck behind the girl, using the trees to keep myself hidden, and grabbed her. Of course she screamed and tried getting away, dropping the stuffed animal as she did. I covered her mouth to keep her from screaming, and felt her lick my hand to try and ward me off. I held on though, what did she expect? I'm half feline, getting licked didn't bother me.

"Let me go, whoever you are," she whined, kicking and struggling in my grasp. Of course I let her go, why wouldn't I? "Thank you, now leave me alone!"

"No," I responded, picking up the stuffed animal. "First you will return this and then you will leave."

She glared at me and I sighed, this was one persistent child. "You can't tell me what to do! You're about the same age as I am, now leave me alone negasami! Go back to your village of kittens who do nothing but lay about all day like the fi-"

She didn't get to finish because I had slapped her. She yelped and rubbed her cheek where a pink hand mark had formed. "Do not insult my race human. Now do as I say, I am sure I am older than you are, or at least I'm more mature than you. Stealing is wrong, a lesson I learned the hard way. If you don't want to be punished then I suggest you listen to me."

Her response was a growl that would've made Kai's dragon proud. "No, I earned this fair and square. Besides you aren't my mother, you have no right telling me what to do. Now shut up and give it back to me!"

I raised my hand as my eyes turned from yellow green, to a dark purple. Dark energy surrounded my hand and he girl flew into the air. Thank Dray she was the smaller than I or I wouldn't have been able to lift her so easily. In fact you may have been lighter than I first thought, for I almost shot her through the trees from how easy it was to lift her. I just now noticed that she wasn't a human at all, for she had the ears of an elf. No wonder her hair was as light as it was. "Alright listen hear you brat. I do not need to be your mother for you to comply to my rules. You are an elf which makes my people leader of your people. I bet you knew that, which was why you hid your ears. Stealing is wrong in itself, but for an elf to steal in punishable by death. So unle ss you want me to report you, you shall do as I say."

The elf girl gulped and nodded. "F-fine, just please don't tell anyone, I don't want to die."

"Will you do as I say?" I asked, gently lowering her until she faced me. Right now I could see that her eyes were filled with tears.

She wiped at them and nodded. "Yes, um, what's your name?"

"Kita, and you are?"

"Elvina," she answered, falling as I released my dark energy.

I helped her off of the ground and she dusted herself off. "Alright Elvina, since you agreed to listen to me, not that you had a choice, we will return the stuffed animal."

"O-ok," she replied, looking down.

"But first you must be punished," I continued, taking her hand and leading her over to a tree stump.

Elvina blinked and picked up the stuffed animal as I lead her away. "W-what kind of punishment Mistress Kita."

"Please don't call me that," I replied before sitting down on the tree stump. I gently place her over my lap, lifting her cloak up as I did. I also lifted up her skirt, revealing a pair of pale green panties. "I am going to give you a punishment common among humans, negasami, demigods, and elves. I think you can guess what it is based on the position I have placed you in."

Elvina whimpered and shifted over my lap, unconsciously drifting her bottom upward which gave me a better angle of my target. "A-are you going to spank me, Ms. Kita?"

I sighed. Elves never stop being formal once they've found someone to take orders from. It doesn't matter if they're a child or not to them which was often annoying. "No need for formalities Elvina, please just refer to me by my name. And yes I am going to spank you, prepare yourself."

When she didn't protest I was surprised. I then remembered that once again, she was an elf, she would take her punishment without question. Negasami and elves were different that way, for a negasami would've challenged someone to a duel before accepting punishment. Of course I didn't when I was spanked because I didn't want to die. Kai was far stronger than me so a duel against him would've been idiotic. I raised my hand into the air and brought it down, smacking Elvina's left butt cheek. She let out a yelp and tried reaching her hand back. I took her hand in my own and slapped her bottom again, this time hitting her right cheek. She squealed from the pain and kicked her legs.

"Stop moving your legs Elvina," I told her, striking the center of her bottom now.

"Ow! It hurts, please stop," she begged. My response was another slap to her bottom, causing her to cry out. "Please, no more."

"It's supposed to hurt Elvina," I reminded her, smacking her bottom in a pattern now. Left, right, middle. Left, right, middle. "I will not stop until you've been properly punished for stealing. Be glad I didn't take you to another elf."

She sobbed and squirmed around. "I'm sorry Ms. Kita, I'll be good."

"Glad to hear it, though we still aren't done."

With that said I began to spank her harder and faster, causing her bottom to shake with the smacks. She let out a series of yelps, squeaks, and sobs as I repeatedly smacked her bottom. From under her panties I saw that her bottom was starting to show signs of pink. I stopped and slipped my finger into the waistband of her panties, causing her to reach back again. "P-please not bare," she pleaded as she turned around to face me. I saw that she was crying and that her cheeks had turned bright red.

"I'm sorry Elvina, but a spanking is not finished unless it's on the bare bottom," I replied before taking down her panties, causing her bottom to jiggle slightly. I rested my hand on her backside, which was soft, and rubbed it. "Are you ready to begin again?"

Elvina whimpered but nodded, burying her head into her arms. I raised my hand in the air and a purple hairbrush materialized in it. I spun the hairbrush between my fingers before slamming it down the elf girl's bottom. She howled and I brought the hairbrush down once more. Her bottom swayed from side to side as she wiggled around. I held her down with my magic and continued to bring down the hairbrush, quickly turning her bottom the color of red. I then moved down toward her sit spots, causing her to squeal so high I thought Kyun could hear it on his throne. I increased the speed and power of my smacks until her sit spots matched her bottom. She sobbed incredibly loud and I stopped the spanking. I lifted the crying girl up and held her.

Elvina cried into my chest as I hugged her. Eventually she calmed down and wiped at her tears before blushing and letting go of me. "Sorry, I didn't mean to get your clothes wet with my tears," she apologized as she pulled up her panties and fixed her skirt and cloak.

"You don't have to apologize for that," I told her, smiling. She blushed and nodded.

"R-right, oh and I'm sorry for stealing," she added.

"You're forgiven already Elvina," I told her, hugging her again. "Come on let's go return the stuffed animal."

She nodded and we returned the store. After explaining everything to the owner, Elvina was given another spanking from him. Though it was only a minute long since she had already been punished. We then stepped back outside and I turned to Elvina.

"Well now that that's done I have to go home," I told her. "You should head home as well, I'm sure your parents are worried about you."

She looked down and tears filled her eyes. "I-I don't have a family to return to."

Well look at that. She was just like me before I met Kai and Claire. "Alright, how about you come home with me? I'm sure Kai and Claire won't mind."

"You mean it?" she asked, smiling at me.

I nodded and she hugged me. "Thank you, may Tasia bless you."

"Let's not talk about Tasia around me," I replied, remembering when Tasia had spanked me.

Elvina nodded and smiled as she followed me back to Claire and Kai.
Girls Night Chapter One Page One
Panel One: Rose: Is everyone ready?

Panel Two: Emily: Everyone isn't here yet so we can't all be ready.

Panel Three: Kita: Rose where are your pants? Rose: Hm?

Panel Four: Rose: Oh I couldn't find my bottoms. Look, Kisha couldn't either.

Panel Five: Kisha: Em, wanna see my butt? Emily: Um, no thanks.

Panel Six: Kita: I think she did it on purpose. The perv.

Panel Seven: Victoria: *smacks Kisha's butt*

Panel Eight: Kisha: Ow!

Panel Nine: Victoria: Stop that!

Panel Ten: Kisha: Sorry sis, didn't see you there. Ow that hurt.

Panel Eleven: Victoria: Do that again and I'll spank you!
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